Our journey

Nipiaki Agogi was founded in 1976, during a time when just a few nursery schools in Athens existed. The Greek family was going through changes, mainly from a broader type to a more nucleus one that usually refers to the parents and the children while the necessity of preschool education has not been established yet in the minds of the Greek parents.

A small house on Evripidou Street, in the centre of Filothei, hosted the first students.

After two years, Nipiaki Agogi moved to the stone building on Kapodistriou Street where it can be found until today. Gradually, both size and demands increased. By that time it was clear that nursery school plays an important role in children’s life and preschool education is becoming a necessity. Anna Raftopoulou is now in charge of the evolution of Nipiaki Agogi. Based on her studies at the University of Berlin and the respective stimuli from Berlin’s progressive atmosphere, Anna has managed to re-structure the school and re-establish its curriculum.

The main idea that defines the course and the structure of the school is that the educational science evolves and hence educational programs are constantly under review and adaptation. In a modern, rich environment full of stimuli and beautiful scenery, the child receives the best care possible.

Finally, while everything seems to change, the sincere and fundamental concern for each child’s unique personality remains constant throughout the years. For almost half a century  Nipiaki Agogi remains the family that guarantees each child’s positive development and prospective future.

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