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Pre-school center Nipiaki Agogi welcomes children from the age of two until just before they enter primary school.
Children are split into classes based on their age while the average ratio of kindergarten teachers to children is ten to one. Our operating hours are from 7:45am to 4.30pm, 5 days a week. We offer the following schedule:

Morning zone: The morning zone is the main educational program that takes place until 2.30pm and includes all basic activities that are outlined under the section program.
Afternoon zone: The afternoon zone (2.30pm – 4.30pm) is optional and consists of a unique bilingual program called “Play to Learn” that is designed to offer children the chance to learn the English language through an interactive and educational setting.

Nipiaki Agogi remains closed during the summer period, approximately from mid-July until the end of August.


We offer children with high-quality, healthy, and delicious food options based on a nutrition plan that is being compiled in cooperation with our pediatrician. All food options are carefully selected and the salads are bio-based. The staff that is involved in the preparation, offering and storing of food is trained on the health and food safety standards according to the guideline of EFET (Hellenic Food Authority.) Additionally, all HACCP standards are being applied.

Breakfast and lunch is available.


The schedule of our school buses is specifically designed in a way to make sure that the routes are short and efficient but also cover a wider area. Our drivers are licensed professionals and our school buses fulfill the highest safety and comfort standards.


The building is equipped with all fire safety regulations that are required by the Fire Department while entrance to the building is being monitored by a camera. In the case of an accident, every child is covered by a liability insurance.


Registrations for the school year that starts in Septembers begin in January of the same year. The capacity of each class is limited and registrations are open as long as the classes are not full

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