Our Team




Anna Raftopoulou

Anna was born in Athens. She graduated from the German School in Athens and holds a diploma in German literature from the Aristotelian University in Thessaloniki as well as a M.A. degree on Educational Science from the Free University of Berlin.

Since 1989, she has been an active member of Nipiaki Agogi and from 1995 until today, she is the director. Anna has participated in radio and TV shows and has written various advisory articles on educational issues. She is married and has two sons.

The faculty:

Nipiaki Agogi pays a lot of attention in the choice of the teaching staff. All teachers work full time in each class and sometimes temporary interns become part of Nipiaki Agogi’s team. Teachers who work with children of three years or older hold a university degree. Besides the basic requirements, emphasis is given on age and work experience, as well as the attitude and knowledge, resulting in a good relationship among colleagues in each class.


High attention is also paid to the choice of our partners such as the foreign language teachers, the ballet and the theatre instructors, the psychologist, the pediatrician, the child dentist, the speech therapist, the training teachers and the swimming instructors.

Occupational therapy:

Like many leading overseas organizations, Nipiaki Agogi has since 2019/20 integrated occupational therapyinto its curriculum, a well-known and state of the art method for monitoring children. By incorporating an experienced occupational therapist into the school, Nipiaki Agogi aims to improve children’s efficiency in the classroom, focusing on learning factors (such as language (writing skills), concentration, memory, etc.) as well as self-care and communication skills and sport/ physical activities.Prevention and support are therefore offered within the school community for the child.

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