It is common that parents start to think about the way they will raise their child since the first months of pregnancy.

From the beginning of the child’s life, socializing is a very important aspect. It is essential that the child spends time with children of the same age, finds ways to communicate with the other children, and feels understood. The child plays, learns new things and interacts with people outside his family. In other words, the child needs to have creative time away from the grandmother or the nanny.

Nipiaki Agogi’s goal is to provide these simple but crucial elements for the child’s development. More specifically, the child gradually learns how to enter and function in a group, builds his autonomy, learns and amuses himself through various ways and develops his or her skills.

All these goals are achieved through a unique and careful approach towards each child by people who have the knowledge, the experience, the love, and the need to be creative.

All the activities selected and used in the classroom are always adjusted according to the age of the children. Through games and experiencing situations, the goal for the child is to grow emotionally, to develop his personality traits through group work, to work his sense of self-discipline and finally to unfold and improve each child’s mental and psychomotor skills.

The program of Nipiaki Agogi includes all types of art (such as drawing, crafts, working with clay and relevant materials, etc.), puppets, acting, music and movement, gymnastics, ecology and safe traffic skills, as well as computers and technology. A number of optional activities such as swimming, theatrical game, sports, music lessons about musical instruments and many more are also part of the program of Nipiaki Agogi. All these activities are gradually presented to the children and are always adjusted to their different needs.

At Nipiaki Agogi children have the opportunity to learn a foreign language (German or English) and to be exposed to different phonemic sounds and communication patterns while at the same time learning about customs and characteristics of those countries.

In addition to the basic program, children are given the chance to participate in various events such as theatre plays and performances on current themes inside and outside the classroom that lead to creative activities.

Nipiaki Agogi functions under the supervision of the Ministry of Education and its program contains various subjects and prepares children both psychologically and cognitively for the Primary School. Its goal is to teach children how to develop autonomy, a sense of responsibility, focusing on activities and following rules and simultaneously urge children to write, learn basic mathematical notions and comprehend their native language and culture. Working on all these features, children receive the proper preparation needed in order to continue to the next education level.

By the age of six, children already have formed the basic traits of their personality. Nipiaki Agogi promises to make these years the best, creative and imaginative, full of excitement and unforgettable moments.

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